Revision surgery

Aug 20, 2023

I'm sure that I'm not the only person to have revision surgery. I didn't have it because of weight gain. I had my original surgery VSG on 3/1/2017. About 6 months later I lost my medical coverage and I started having issues with severe reflux. 
Fast forward to January of 2020 just before the pandemic started, one night I started having severe stomach pain, vomiting, couldn't pass gas, couldn't poop. I was in severe pain from around 9 pm and I was still in pain around 2 am. I finally told my husband that I was going to the hospital. 
I'm glad that I that I did go because they did a ct scan and found that I had a hernia and part of my intestine was caught in it. They tried pressing around on my stomach to get it to pop out but it didn't work. They did give me morphine injections before they did it, but that didn't help the pain. They ended up transferring me to the hospital where my surgeon worked. I had gone to the hospital closest to my home at the time. When I got to the hospital where my surgeon works they said he was actually working at another hospital that day, but he was aware of everything that was going on with me and he had complete trust in his colleagues. 
So his colleagues also pressed around on my stomach and they were able to get the intestine to release from the hernia. They said that they had to admit me to the hospital for observation because the intestine was trapped for about 12 hours so they were concerned that it may have been dead and it might have needed to be removed. Thankfully it wasn't dead and I was able to go home the next day. At my follow up appointment the following week, my surgeon had asked me if I had been having any reflux and I told him that I had been having issues with it for about 2 1/2 years at that point. He told me that the ct scan from the ER showed that I had a regular hernia and I also had a hiatal hernia.....the hiatal hernia is what was causing all the reflux. Long story short. I got the regular hernia repaired, I got the hiatal hernia repaired but it didn't help the reflux so I had the VSG revised to a gastric bypass on 6/23/2021. Between both surgeries I've lost 155 pounds and I feel amazing and I no longer suffer from reflux 


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