19 years

Aug 20, 2023

Really 10 years have passed...wow...

So here is the scoop...I am back up to 230...so 100 up from lowest...yes it is a drag...

Also, I went years having a B12 deficiency and not knowing it...almost lost my marbles in 2020 not cause of pandemic but because of Mega Mania (enlarged red blood cells) from B12 deficiency. Even though my serum B12 was normal I had increased MMA and MCV and have been on shots since discovering this. Things got better and then this year I started having muscle and nerve issues again...think I may have SIBO now. Ugh ...Also learned that the reason I was losing my teeth was because B12 def cause you to have less Saliva and your teeth erode. At least that has slowed down for me. 

Tired of constantly having to think of vitamins etc...but this is just the fact now. I am going thru deficiencies and not absorbing protein and I have to try and find a balance.

Truly now regretting a lot and wish I had known more ...but I did the best with what knowledge I had at the time. 

Now we have Ozempic etc...wish that had been around in 2004...may start that journey too...cause I really would love to take some weight off again.

Love to all on this WLS path.



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